CoPilot Developer Documentation

Standalone App

Run CoPilot as a completely separate app, enhanced with a combination of URL launch commands and cloud-based APIs to manage licenses and settings and to send trip information down to CoPilot.


SDK Libraries (formerly CPIK)

Embed CoPilot within your own mobile application to create an enhanced, single-application user experience. SDK Libraries provide the deepest level of configuration and customization available in CoPilot.



Launch CoPilot from within your own application; pass instructions, configurations, and stops on a route; and receive back trip events and other data. App switching can be fully controlled for a seamless user experience.

Feature Guide

Feature Guide

Learn how CoPilot allows you to integrate customized, turn-by-turn navigation for commercial vehicles with your application.

Release Notes

Release Notes

Read about all of the major new features, enhancements and fixes in each version.