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Customizing CoPilot UI


It is possible to customize many of the menus and buttons within CoPilot builds utilizing a simple .xml file format. In order to create a configured UI please create a new file labelled "customer_features.xml" and place this within a new directory labelled "common", these will need to be added to the locations stated below which varies per platform.

Android Location



com.alk.copilot name may change for enterprise licensed deployments

Windows Laptop

\Program Files\ALK Technologies\CoPilot Laptop\uiconfig\common\customer_features.xml


CoPilot Laptop may install at \Program Files (x86) on 64-bit machine.

Example Files

Below is an example text for the "customer_features.xml" or download an example from here

<elements name="features">
 <platform name="mycopilot"
 feature_active_traffic="0" >


Please ensure your file includes straight quotes " and not

Please ensure there are no duplicates keys as some keys control multiple buttons and will therefore be treated as an error by CoPilot.


Code which appended with "feature" (eg. feature_active_traffic) will impact multiple dialogs/screens throughout the app.

Values in blue indicate features “to show” (eg. show_nav_custom_button="1")

Values in red indicate features “to hide” (eg. hide_navmenu_search="1")

Driving/Main Menu


  1. show_quit_copilot= "1" (Android & WinCE Only)
  2. show_minimize_copilot="1" (not available for iOS)
  3. hide_navmenu_search= "1"
  4. hide_navmenu_2d_3d= "1" (hides 2D/3D toggle)
  5. hide_navmenu_trip= "1"
  6. hide_navmenu_mute= "1"
  7. hide_navmenu_safety= "1"
  8. hide_navmenu_cleartrip= "1"
  9. (Requires contractual changes to remove. Please contact
  10. hide_mycopilot="1"
  11. hide_store="1"
  12. show_menu_mapsure_truck="1" (NA Regions Only)
  13. hide_navmenu_splitscreen= "1" (Tablet Devices Only)

landscape driving menu


  1. hide_address="1"
  2. hide_car_location="1" *(consumer only)_
  3. hide_recents="1"
  4. hide_poi_search="1" *(hides entire row)_
  5. hide_yelp="1" *(hides entire row)_
  6. hide_contacts="1"
  7. hide_coordinates="1"
  8. hide_current_location="1"
  9. hide_load_trip="1"



  1. regioneu="1" (EU only)_
  2. showcoordinates_pplgrid="1" (Custom Feature)_
  3. hide_coordinates_dd="1"
  4. hide_coordinates_dms="1"
  5. hide_coordinates_dm="1"

Guidance Screen


  1. (Requires contractual changes to remove. Please contact
  2. show_nav_mapsure_truck="1" (NA Regions Only)
  3. show_nav_clearstop="1" (Custom Feature)

Mute on Guidance Screen

mute button

  1. Starting with CoPilot 10.9, a mute button was added to the guidance screen. To hide it, set show_nav_mute="0"

Map Screen without guidance

no guidance

  1. (Requires contractual changes to remove. Please contact
  2. hide_nav_search_button="1"
  3. hide_map_tooltipbutton="1" (impacts tooltips on all map screens)

Location Information

location info

  1. hide_set_new_stop="1"
  2. hide_link_avoid="1"
  3. hide_link_waypoint="1"

POI Information

POI Information

  1. hide_call_poi="1"
  2. hide_website_poi="1"

My CoPilot Menu

My CoPilot menu

  1. showoverride_sync="1" (custom feature)_
  2. hide_my_maps="1"
  3. hide_my_account="1"
  4. hide_news_updates="1"
  5. hide_help_feedback="1"
  6. hidemenu_mapsure="1" (Default consumer)_

My Account

My Account

  1. featureroutesync="1" (RouteSync only)_
  2. hide_privacy="1"
  3. hide_cloud_backup="1"
  4. hiderestore_lic="1" (consumer only)_
  5. hide_email_updates="1"
  6. hide_recommend_friend="1"
  7. hideupgrade="1" (not available for iOS)_
  8. hidechange_device="1" (not available for iOS)_

Help & Feedback

Help and Feedback

  1. hidefaqs="1" (not available for WinCe or WinMobile)_
  2. hide_send_feedback="1"
  3. hide_write_review="1"

Settings Menu


  1. hide_settings_map_display="1"
  2. hide_settings_vehicle_profiles="1"
  3. hide_settings_alerts_warnings="1"
  4. show_settings_mileage_logs="1" (Truck Only)
  5. feature_speed_coaching="1" (RouteSync Only)
  6. feature_active_traffic="1"
  7. hide_feature_commute="1" (Consumer Only)
  8. hide_settings_regional="1"
  9. hide_settings_styles="1"
  10. hide_settings_sound="1"
  11. hide_settings_data_battery="1"
  12. hide_settings_gps="1"
  13. hide_settings_reset="1"
  14. (Requires contractual changes to remove. Please contact

Data & Battery


  1. hide_settings_cell_usage="1"
  2. hide_settings_battery="1"

Battery Usage


  1. showbattery_bg_navigation="1" (iOS/Android Only)_
  2. showbattery_low_power="1" (iOS/Android Only)_

Regional & Voices


  1. hide_settings_language_voice="1"

GPS Status


  1. showlocation_services= "1" (Windows Phone Only)_
  2. shownmea= "1" (Android Only)_
  3. hide_gps_setup="1"
  4. hide_gps_satellites="1"
  5. show_gps_reset= "1"

Vehicle Routing Profiles


  1. feature_custom_vehicleprofiles= "1"
  2. feature_default_vehicleprofiles= "1"
  3. hide_create_routing_profile="1"
  4. hide_view_edit_profile="1"

Routing Profile Settings


  1. hide_truckrouting_resetprofile="1"
  2. hide_save_profile="1"

About CoPilot


  1. (Requires contractual changes to remove. Please contact

Trip Screen


  1. hide_trip_options="1"
  2. hide_feature_vehicle_profiles="1"

Trip Options


  1. hide_optimize_trip="1"
  2. hide_load_trip="1"
  3. hide_save_trip="1"
  4. hide_clear_trip="1"
  5. hide_trip_preview="1"

Launching an External Process

CoPilot supports an extra button that can be configured to launch an external process, such as returning to the app from which CoPilot was launched. The button will appear on the map as displayed in the image below. By default, this custom button is not visible.


  1. show_nav_custom_button="1"

Available in CoPilot and Higher

The button can be also added using a series of user.cfg settings in our Android and Windows Laptop platforms.


[User Settings]
  • "AppLaunchBundleID" - The bundle ID for the .apk file to be launched.

Windows Laptop

Windows users must instead set the following configs, which contain the path to the process the button should launch, as well as the arguments.

[User Settings]
  • "EnableCustomButton" - Enables the button, Should be set to 1 to allow CoPilot to use the values defined in user.cfg
  • "CustomButton_Cmd" - What application to launch (Default Value - Empty)
  • "CustomButton_Args" - What arguments to pass to the application (Default Value - Empty)

Last update: May 11, 2021